About Culina


It all started when...

Culina (pronounced cool·lee·nah) is Latin for kitchen and is the root for our English word culinary.

Our dairy free and plant based coconut yogurts contain simple, real food ingredients. Our flavored varieties combine whimsical floral and fruit ingredients with a touch of pure organic maple syrup. 

Every serving of Culina Botanical Coconut Yogurt is packed with billions of tummy friendly, human optimized probiotic cultures.

To enjoy a cup of Culina is to embrace a moment of peaceful delight, and to be transported in your senses down the crushed gravel paths and raised beds of a flower garden in the early light of the morning.

Because Culina makes dairy free products with the taste and texture of traditional yogurts, it is our mission to empower others to settle for better in the food they eat and in every part of their lives.