Our Process

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The Base

The magic starts with the coconut. Our ethically sourced and unsweetened coconut lays the foundation for our fantastical flavors to flourish. Packed with plant power and high in the good kinds of fats, coconuts lay our foundation.

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Mom’s right about this one. Everyone needs probiotics. So we added billions and billions to our yogurt.

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Each batch of our yogurt + probiotic blend is craft fermented for hours and hours. The whole process takes about 3 days. Remember, patience pays off (mom’s right again). The naturally occurring lactic acid created during the fermentation process is what gives Culina its quintessential tartness.

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Whole fruit, juicy and flavorful, is folded into the mixture. The fruit zest dances with the tart base to create pure magic.

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Delicate floral essences add another layer to our yogurt. Our pure rose and lavender create complex yet comforting tasting notes while also lending to healthy digestion, skin hydration, and mood enhancement. Flower power!

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Our flavored varieties are so scrumptious on their own, they only use the tiniest touch of pure maple syrup. Straight from the land of flannels and sugar maple trees, our Vermont-tapped maple syrup makes for the velvetiest of spoonfuls.

Our Plain & Simple variety has no maple syrup or added sugar. It’s perfectly tart and charmingly plain. The ideal base for your #CulinaCreations.